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Our Property Management team at Abode are here to look after your investment and ensure that your experience is as stress free as possible. Leave it to us.

Our Property Management team has been in place now for ten years and we have hundreds of Landlords who depend on our comprehensive management service for the day to day running of their properties. Many of our satisfied Landlords have been with us since the beginning with many more joining us after learning about our unrivalled level of customer service.

So Why Abode?

A Dedicated Property Manager

No Upfront Fees


Photographic Property Inspections

Tenancy Renewal

Guaranteed Rent

24/7 Dashboard

Emergency Phone Line

Our Contractors

Our Tenant Service

Abode have seamlessly managed my property for 8 years

They offer a professional service, are helpful, friendly and good at communicating.  I highly recommend them.

Emma Fulton ( Landlord )

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Why is full Property Management my best option?

What about the maintenance and repair costs?

Can I use my own contractors?

Can I inspect the property myself?

I live overseas, is that a problem?

Will you look after the Safety Regulations?

What happens in an out of hours emergency?

Who will be my main point of contact?

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